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    Drain Fresh is a combination of Sodium Carbonate, a naturally occurring mineral, Sodium Percarbonate (oxygen bleach) and Peppermint Essential oil. When mixed with hot water it turns into an alkaline solution. Alkaline solutions will cut through grease and grime. The peppermint Essential oil is well documented as having antibacterial properties and also smells super fresh. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for septic tanks. Drain Fresh has multiple uses making it a versatile cleaning product for around the home.

    How to Use Drain Fresh

    Drains & Sinks

    Drains and sinks can become clogged with fats, oil, soaps & grease. Use Drain Fresh regularly to keep them free from unwanted blockages and smelling fresh.

    • Pour 1 litre of boiling water down the sink and allow it to drain away. Add 80g (6 Tbsp) of Drain Fresh into the plug hole. Add a further ½ litre of boiling water. This will thoroughly clean the pipe. (MONTHLY)
    • Add 1-2 tbsp down sinks and drains followed by 1/2 litre boiling water to prevent greasy buildups and clogging. (WEEKLY)

    Washing Machine

    Using washing machines on low temp washes can lead to a build up of bacteria, soap residue and limescale. Using Drain Fresh in your machine once a month will give it a thorough clean and leave it smelling fresh. The added peppermint oil is said to have antibacterial qualities.

    Drain fresh will also help to soften the water so you will need less detergent.

    • Add 150g of the Drain Fresh directly to the empty drum of your machine and run on the hottest cycle. (MONTHLY CLEAN)
    • Add a 1/2 - 1 tbsp in with your normal detergent (drawer or drum each wash)
    • Pre Soak - 2 tbsp & half litre of warm water leave for 1hr

    400g Eco Pouch  £5.50

    100g Eco Pouch  £2.00

    Ingredients:  Sodium Carbonate light, Sodium Percarbonate, Mentha Pipertia (peppermint essential oil), linalool, limonene
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