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  • Description

    Citric Acid is 100% Natural - it is an extremely versatile, all-natural cleaning ingredient.

    The wide range of uses means it makes a great eco-friendly addition to the household.

    Citric acid is great at tackling limescale and can be used as an alternative to white vinegar.

    Packed in paper bags in sizes 500g and 1kg. 

    For Cleaning purposes only

    How to Use Citric Acid

    • Add a tablespoon of citric acid and roughly an inch worth of water, so that the element or base plate is covered.
    • Switch on the kettle, as it heats up, the limescale will fizz as it reacts with the citric acid. You can turn the kettle off before it reaches the boil.
    • When the fizzing stops, check for limes ale, if necessary repeat the process.
    • Discard the water, refill the kettle, boil & rinse out the kettle a couple of times.

    Shower head
    • Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of citric acid in a bowl of hot water.
    • Remove showerhead and soak for 10 mins.
    • Wipe with a cloth and force water through the holes to clear out any remaining limescale.
    • If the showerhead can't be removed, pour the hot solution into a waterproof bag and secure with an elastic band and follow the same instructions.

    Spray Cleaner
    • Mix 500ml hot water and one tablespoon citric acid into a clean spray bottle and shake it well. Then, use all around your bathroom.
    • Deal with any difficult-to-deal-with stains by soaking a clean compostable cloth with the mixture and press it to the surface. Leave for a couple of moments and then rinse the entire surface.

    Rinse Aid
    • Mix 2 tblsp citric acid with100ml water til dissolved
    • Allow to cool and pour into the rinse aid compartment
    • Make up fresh each time -do not store solution.

    Citric acid should not be used on natural stone surfaces or brass items.
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